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Custom Computers

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What is custom?
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Predator Custom Computers by CSIM©

Custom Computers, once thought to be just for hard-core gamers or people with a need for bleeding edge technology, are now often a better buy for your money – compared to the cost cutting, overly competitive, name brand computer companies out there.  Our Predator line of Custom Computers eats the others for breakfast.  


Ok, I know some of you ask… “What happens if we go out of business?” or you need something fixed and we are not close by. Well even the best of companies have gone out of business, so a big computer manufacturer’s name is no protection or not much help there. We use industry standard components from the best and longest-lived manufactures in the industry.  Many of the named brand computer companies use standard to substandard parts in their machines.  These computer companies buy from all the manufacturers out there and commonly use proprietary components, which are difficult to service and at times totally incompatible with other components. When we sell a computer, not only do we use standard components, we give you a full set of books so that anyone who you should trust working on your computer could access the correct information to fix whatever problems might arise.  More manuals are always available on the internet from these component companies… you’re not left guessing what component the name brand computer company got for a deal the day they built your computer.


How are our computers customized?

First we start with a case that can handle the cooling needs of all the hot equipment that we put inside. 

We select only the best of the best -Award winning motherboards from ASUS, ABIT, and Intel depending on your needs.

We use Intel processors - Yes they have some good competition but guess whose processors are used to test and develop all the major programs on? Intel!  The Intel processor we use comes with a 3yr. manufacturer warranty. Have you ever heard of a software product that was not recommended for use with an Intel processor?

We use industry standard components from Creative Labs, IBM, Crucial Memory, Seagate, NVIDIA, 3dfx, ATI, Sony, Teac, Princeton, Pioneer, Microsoft ... to name a few. We shop for the best bang for the buck that is available at build time - all while keeping in mind the uses the Computer is being made for.

And we load the appropriate operating system for your needs – you are not forced to use the latest and greatest OS that requires you to beta test something that was not ready for release yet. Windows 98SE is generally the best OS for most computers if you require the use of legacy software. If you don't have legacy software and want access to more memory and resources - then Windows 2000 Pro is a good solution. In certain instances Windows XP Professional may be a solution for your needs.  Windows XP Professional has the same restrictions as Windows 2000 Pro. Not all tools, workarounds and "gotcha's" have been documented as yet for XP - depending on your use this may be a handicap. Win XP home has too many security risks and exploits hard coded into it so we don't recommend this version of XP. Remember Win2k and WinXP needs software that was designed to work on these platforms - older software may cause instability.

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CSIM is Based in the East Valley of Phoenix Arizona.    

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