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Now for the inside details.

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bulletWhen obtaining a high end PC, most of us put a lot of thought into the CPU, motherboard, 3D card, soundcard, hard drive and just about every component on our shopping list. I say "just about" because PC cases are one of the most overlooked PC components and are usually purchased quickly and without much thought. Case design may seem to be ubiquitous, but the difference between a quality and budget case has the potential of making your custom computer either a dream or a nightmare. That is why we select a steel / aluminum cases, which features deep metal for extreme thermal dissipation and with great internal case design from Antek,  Chieftec, and Shuttle to house our High-end custom computers. Not some cheap plastic case with a thin sheet of metal inserted in the covers. We then engineer extra fans into the design to keep good airflow to the components and to assure the machine has a long and stable life. Heat does not linger inside. The fans are not your average pin bearing design but are the high life, efficient, ball bearing design. For a fan that maintains performance but has an extra low noise level Panasonic Panaflow© fans are available at an added price.


bulletOur cases come with either an Antek and Atlas, Intel certified power supplies or  we have an option for the best Power Supply manufactured for computers (which most stereo aficionados wish they had for their system) - a PCPower & Cooling Power Supply


bulletThen we select the best Motherboard and CPU for the machine, considering both your needs and the best value point. You don’t need to know a megahertz from a megaflop. Why pay double the price for a processor that gives you a very small performance increase when your money could be better spent somewhere else. We keep an eye on the value points as well as computer trends and reliable rumors. If you are able to wait on your purchase sometimes the difference of a week can make for hundreds of dollars in savings or a much faster machine for the same price. We select a motherboard with the best reliability, quality control and most of all something that uses standard chip sets. We watch the tech articles from reliable sources and also the geeks that push their computers over the limits to find what is the most flexible, quality board available. We select motherboards from companies such as ASUS, ABIT, Shuttle and at times INTEL depending on the use the computer will have. We only select INTEL processors at this time because they are the only ones at this point that 100% of the PC software has been developed for.


bulletWhile we are on the subject of processors – let’s look at the added detail we provide in regards to these. In most instances we use an Intel certified retail heat sink and fan assembly. We remove the heat transfer tape and clean both contact surfaces. Then we apply, Arctic Silver II, a thermal compound made with 99.8% pure micronized silver, which gives a 2 –7 degree lower CPU temperature increase over other compounds due to its superior thermal conductivity and provides a air free contact area for the heatsink.  Some of the name brand computers use a 15day warranty, OEM processor, and a non-spec heat sink with no direct cooling fan. We also have available an after market heatsink / fan combo that increases cooling of the processor dramatically. Our choice for an aftermarket P4 cooler is a  Zalman, copper heatsink, CPU cooler. The Zalman has a  80mm, 39 CFM, 3000rpm fan which has the added advantage of a direct power supply connection as well as a fan speed monitor connection. We also have available the little less expensive Thermaltake Dragon Orb for those of you on a budget.


bulletMemory – currently this is the best bang for the buck when it comes to performance. You will receive a much higher performance rate by having the optimum amount of memory than you will by going to a faster processor.  Unlike the off the shelf manufacturers, we only use Class 2 memory… this is the best memory available for desktop machines. Most manufacturers save a couple of bucks by using Class 3 memory… how would you like it if your brain had to operate with 3rd class memory? (Class 1 memory is expensive and reserved for super high-end server farms.)  Speed is also important here. It is always better to purchase the highest speed available with out a significant cost increase because speed certified equates to quality. We don’t sacrifice quality for the dollar like the "Off The Shelf" computer companies do. Remember they are cutting every corner to get the lowest price out there but what are they sacrificing? … Your livelihood!


bulletHard drives- we only use IBM, Maxtor and Seagate -The first tier level of hard disk drives. Your data is important why use a second or third level drive? These manufacturers are also the ones that develop the new technology to speed up access to the data on the drives. When we build a fast machine we don’t cripple it with a slow HDD.


bulletLets look at software and the Operating System – why should you be the test point for someone’s marketing driven software … is it ready for prime time? … will it let you down?  Software and Operating Systems are very complex containing thousands upon thousands of lines of code, developed by different groups and cobbled together. Is there ever a point it is 100% bug free – No!  Marketing goes on to the next several generations prior to this point. Can we reach a relatively stable point – Yes, and this is where we want you to be. Computer companies are driven by marketing the latest and greatest… whether they are ready to be great or not. Do you have a choice from the big computer manufacturers … most likely not.  We continue to load the software that has the highest success rate and select no software before its time.


bulletWe use the same process to select the components for your computer. Whether it is a video card, sound card or CD-RW drive – we take the bleeding out of bleeding edge. It may not be your bargain basement component but it will be the best one of its class. We also use our years of experience in the industry  to help you make the best decision.

When your needs change our computers don’t lock you in. They all have upgrade paths so that if the onboard component or add-in component no longer suits your needs, an upgraded component can take its place.

What about other custom computer builders? Most of them are not looking to build a high performance quality machine. Most are looking to build a cheap clone machine that has no identifiable components in it, but are "compatible components," until you try to find that one driver you need.

No we won’t be the cheapest computer out there, but it will be one of the best. Something you won’t have to trade out every month just to be useable. Our goal is a longer-term solution than Moore’s law of “it’s junk in 18 months.”   We are always there to help you before, during and after the purchase.


CSIM is Based in the East Valley of Phoenix Arizona.    

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