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News Letter

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News Letter

The following is a list of our News Letters, with the most recent News Letters shown last. Our Newsletter is a Adobe Acrobat PDF file - If you don't have the Adobe Reader you can click on the link below to get the latest reader from the Adobe site:

To sign up for email delivery of our newsletter please go to http://lists.computersim.com/mailman/listinfo/info-csim

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10-01-2003 October News Letter



In the interest of safe computing and to spread good computing practices you may forward or utilize our newsletter on your site as long as you keep the full content and do not alter it in any way. Our email lists are for the specific internal use of distributing information to assist in safe and good computing practices and will not be used for spamming or other distribution.
Disclaimer: CSIM, its affiliates and staff are not responsible for misuse or misunderstanding of the information or any bad thing that may befall you by using anything we recommend or information you obtained in this newsletter. All information is given as is and the reader takes it upon themselves the responsibility for the correct use of this information.

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CSIM is Based in the East Valley of Phoenix Arizona.    

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