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What is a UPS and why do I need one?
 UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply - This is basically a battery backup that helps to save you from a Power Event.  A Power Event is not just a Surge but also includes- a Sag or Brownout, a Spike, a Blackout, Noise or a combination of these things.

The UPS you choose should have the following capabilities:


 Battery Backup - switches to battery power when the power goes off or there is a dip in power. Also shuts your computer down the correct way when the battery gets low.


Surge Suppression.


Power filtering - Your computer runs from the battery and the battery is charged from your electrical power. This results in nice clean consistent power.


User renewable batteries. 


Easy overload recovery - circuit breaker not a fuse.


Audible Alarms and communication cable to your PC.

According to a study from Bell Labs, over 87% of all power problems come in the form of surges, sags or brownouts. Power surges can enter a home through several paths. In the case of lightning, it can take the path of the cable TV or satellite dish cable, through the incoming telephone lines, or through the incoming electrical service line. You need surge suppression and a UPS to filter your power. The brand I use and recommend  is APC. Click on the link for more information on power problems and there solutions. (all your high dollar electrical components need to be protected - how about that Stereo or Big screen TV - you bet)


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