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High Performance

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High Performance

: My site has outgrown its shared hosting environment but I'm not ready to move to a dedicated server yet. My Web site needs high-end performance but at a price that makes sense for my business. Is there a solution for me?
YES! Our High Performance Hosting Program (HP2) is unique in the industry in offering high-end performance at unmatched pricing. In a typical shared hosting environment, your Web site will be sharing the same server with 200+ Web sites. Your Web site under our High Performance Hosting Program would be sharing the server with no more than 20 other Web sites. The server load is constantly monitored to ensure that your site loads fast and consistently perform at a high level. This plan is perfect for the sites that have outgrown the traditional virtual hosting accounts. With other companies, your only option would be to move to an expensive dedicated server. High-end performance at a price that makes sense.

Server Specification
Dual Pentium® II (Currently 450 MHz)
Ultrawide SCSI II Hard Drives for fast disk access

Account Higlight

• 600 MB of disk space
10 Gig of Monthly traffic1
• Unlimited hits
• 24x7 ftp access • Detailed Web site traffic stat
• Microsoft® FrontPage® 2000 extensions
• Excellent Online Manual

• Access to Raw Log file
• Access to secure server (SSL)
• SSH (shell) account
• Anonymous FTP account
• MySQL & mSQL

• RealAudio/Video
   (via RealServer)


Email Features
• 30 POP3 email account
• Unlimited email forwarding
• Unlimited email aliases
• Unlimited autoresponders
• Mailing List (Majordomo)3

Domain name
• Your own domain name
  (e.g. yourname.com)
• Your own IP address
•Domain Name Registration2
• 2 Subdomains
  e.g. shop.yourdomain.com

CGI-Scripts Features
• Your own cgi-bin
• Ready-to-run scripts installed
• Cgiemail
• FormMail
• WWWboard
• Graphical access counter
• Guestbook

Network and Servers
• Multiple T3 & OC3 lines
• Dual Pentium III Servers
• UPS power back-up
• Tape data back-up
• State-of-the-art data center

  1 Based on daily traffic limit. (322 MB of daily traffic limit x 31)
2 InterNIC charge is not included. InterNIC will bill you separately. If you have already registered your domain name at Register.com, this charge does not apply.
3 Majordomo mailing list with up to 100 subscribers.
* Your free MySQL database size is limited to 5MB.

#Specifications may change prior to updating this page please contact us for up-to-date information.


CSIM is Based in the East Valley of Phoenix Arizona.    

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