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Additional Items

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Additional Items

Additional Disk Space

$6.00 per 5 MB Monthly

Additional Data Transfer

$6.00 per 100 MB

1 Additional Shell Account

$3.00 Monthly

2 Additional POP3 Accounts

$3.00 Monthly

1 Additional FTP Account

$2.50 Monthly

1 Additional Majordomo (Listserver)

$6.00 Monthly

1 mSQL

$6.00 Monthly


$10.95 Monthly


$11.00 Monthly


$16.00 Monthly


$50.95 Setup Charge

Domain Alias*

$50.95 Setup Charge

Referrer Logs

$3.00 Monthly

Volano Chat

$10.00 Monthly


Real Video - Real Audio


Real-time streaming audio and video for your web site via Real Server by RealNetwork. No download wait!


Volano Java Chat


Implementing chat rooms on your website is easy with VolanoChat. VolanoChat Servers are deployed by customers in 28 countries around the world. VolanoChat is the most stable and proven Java chat solution available today. Click here for demo.




MySQL is a true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server. SQL is the most popular database language. MySQL offers speed, robustness and ease of use. At Hostway.com, your MySQL database will be hosted on a dedicated MySQL server. This ensures that the entire server resource is devoted to database processing for faster performance.





CyberCash is the leading real-time online payment processing solution provider. Please contact us to implement CyberCash service for your ecommerce site.


*Maintenance fee of $12.95/year applies starting your second year.


#Specifications may change prior to updating this page please contact us for up-to-date


CSIM is Based in the East Valley of Phoenix Arizona.    

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