Custom Computers are generally for hard core gamers or people with a need for bleeding edge Technology. Our Predator Custom Computers eat the others for breakfast.  

We start with a case that can handle the cooling needs of all the hot equipment that we put inside. 3DCOOL Cases

We select only the best of the best motherboards from ASUS, ABIT, Gigabyte and Intel depending on your needs.

We use Intel processors - Yes they have some good competition but guess who's processors are used to test and develop all major programs on... Intel

We use industry standard components from Creative Labs, IBM, Crucial Memory, Seagate, NVIDIA, 3dfx, ATI, Sony, Teac, Princeton, Pioneer, Microsoft ... to name a few. We shop for the best bang for the buck that is available at build time - all while keeping in mind the uses the Computer is being made for.